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Best Practices, Streamlined Work Processes and Work Process Automation, Start-ups/Shut-downs and Transformations, Project Management, Technology Implementations, Conversions and ETL, Training Assistance and Mentoring, Interim Management,  Organizational and Staff Skills Assessments.


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About Us

For over 30 years, our work efforts have been directed toward enhancing work processes. That is, the way work is done and the tools used to get that work done. In 1995, we determined that there existed a need to offer work experience, knowledge and talents in work process enhancements to diverse business sectors. So, we founded a independent concern in an effort to offer you and your business an opportunity to improve practices and positively benefit your bottom line!

Working in the Investment Management, Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Trust, Retirement Plan, Medical, Brokerage and Telecommunications sectors we have provided innovative process solutions which have proven time and again to improve business performance, allowing efficient and effective growth.

We offer a flexible response approach to your requirements and that means you’ll see benefits quickly and ongoing as you need them.

Keywords: Management, Consultant, Root Cause Analysis, Assessment, RACI, SIPOC, Implementations, Process, Improvement, LEAN, Continuous, Technology, Solutions, Training, Business Transformations, Interim, Support, Project.

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