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Mark D. Hughes, Principal Business Solutions Architect - Us

Mark is a Business Solutions Architect, accomplished author, presenter and trainer. Mark uses his strategic vision to provide practical, ethically effective implementations addressing today's Corporate challenges. He has been successfully practicing this unique brand of problem solving for over 15 years. Mark holds a BS in Business Administration from The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, earning the Robert W. Kaye Award for his outstanding scholastic work.

Having worked for corporations as Bank of America, Envestnet, Jackson/Prudential, US Bancorporation, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Capital One, First Union Securities, Curian Capital, MoneyGram Intl. and Wells Fargo, Mark's Financial Services expertise is especially diverse and extensive.

Multi-industry clients that Mark has worked with include entities in the Retail, Telecommunications, Medical/Health, Financial Services, Brokerage, Trust, and Technology sectors. Mark's core competencies lie in Process improvements, Technology implementations, Business transformations, Management and Organizational restructures and Skills assessments.


CHREM = Corporate HR (Practice) Evaluation Matrix  (*es MALO*****es BUENO)

A little change of pace this time around: By now, we have come to understand that much of Staff behavior in the satisfaction of job duties is derived from Executive style, personalities and preferences. No different with HR employment practices. While we generally know HR folks to be idiotic, worthless crap-holes, some of that is directly attributed to Executive Whim. That said, here’s a presentation focusing more on the Organizational Practices than on its people puzzle pieces.

Here’s the 07/30/2015 version of CHREM:

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  Comment: Can’t be more bad than good, can there ?